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Honkers Blanc with Scampi

Recently on our expedition to Costco we met a wine maker and bought a couple of bottles of the wine he and his wife were showing . What a delightful  surprise!  For under $8.00 dollars this wine was a perfect match for the Scampi dinner we had planned.  Sea food lovers that we are… scampi is a delicious and simple meal to prepare.  When a really good and fruity Sauvignon Blanc (California of course) is paired … it’s a WOW! Some nice wild rice/ mix  Rice~a~Roni makes the “side” easy… some steamed asparagus and the meal is complete!  It’s a whole new take for “movie night”.  It makes Netflix – special… the dinner romantic… and well combine it with wine and even folks in their sunset years … come ALIVE!The wine – Honkers Blanc from Napa Valley is truly worth every dollar, retailing around $13.95. But, a steal when purchased from Costco for under $8.00.  I’m looking forward to our upcoming winery and barrel tasting visit to share stories with the vintners.
Recipe and instructions can be found here .  Enjoy!