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Chicken Marsala

chicken_marsala-10w_r6s4Chicken marsala is an Italian-American dish made from chicken breasts, mushrooms, and Marsala wine. The dish dates back to the 19th century, when it most likely originated with English families who lived in western Sicily, where Marsala wine is produced.[1] The chicken is coated in flour, briefly sautéed, and then removed from the pan, which is then used to make a Marsala reduction sauce. The sauce is made by reducing the wine to nearly the consistency of a syrup while adding onions orshallots, as well as mushrooms.  Continue for recipe

Winter Sunday Special -Chicken Marsala

One of our all time favorites… Chicken Marsala. Sounds and looks o impressive… and wow! what a taste… Everyone will think you really do know how to cook!     When we have this dish we typically pair it with a nice red wine… for this meal we chose a  2008 Alamos Malbec Mendoza.  Reasonably priced at under $10.00 This wine adds just the right touch of richness and complexity to compliment the Marsala sauce. The dark ruby liquid in your glass has a subdued but very ripe aroma of
blackberry, cassis and licorice that include suggestions of chocolate and herbs… Bon appetit!                                                                                          

Simple Ingredients
Simple Ingredients

 1/4 cup flour
  1 tsp  olive oil
  1TBS   shallots (small version of red onion)
  1 tsp  chopped garlic
  2 cups sliced mushrooms
  1 cup chicken stock
  1 Tbl  Italian chopped parsley (garnish)                                      

  This dish is ridiculously  EASY to prepare and enjoy!

Dust the chicken breasts with flour. Saute in skillet in olive oil until golden brown on both sides, set aside.

       To hot pan add shallots, garlic & mushrooms and  saute’ until limp.
             Quickly add Marsala and reduce a little…

      Add chicken stock, parsley and return chicken to pan.  Cover and simmer for 5-10 minutes.  Serve immediately with fresh cooked pasta.