Kitchen Tips Two


When sautéing mushrooms keep an eye on the heat.  Here wine is added for flavor and sauce.  When reducing the liquid watch carefully since this can easily stick and burn.




Staging must happen quickly so that your meal doesn’t get cold.  It is best to gather all items in one area then work down the plates one at a time.  If you are hosting a dinner it is helpful to have one person to assist with the presentation to get dinners out quickly.





When serving wine with your dinner be sure to provide ample water for your guests.  Still water is acceptable and preferable to some, but be sure that it is “clean” meaning filtered no chlorine to interfere with the wine.  Also, do not put lemon or lemon peel in the water.  It looks pretty but detracts from the wine.  Sparkling water is tops in my book! -Just have lots of bottles.

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Yes, you can dine like a king…

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