Valentine’s Day is Coming…Start with a Card Table??

Have fun setting your Valentine Dinner table!
Have fun setting your Valentine Dinner table!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  So, let’s have some fun!  Has it been awhile since you’ve had a “date night” or a fun evening out?  Over the next few weeks we will be providing ideas to spark up this fun holiday.  Perhaps going out is your favorite alternative… We will be posting menus and pricing for Valentine Day Dinner restaurant locations for the Greater Sacramento “local” area as well as the Napa Valley and Placer County Wine Country areas.  But, for now… let’s explore the fun and anticipation of preparing a romantic Valentine dinner for two at home.

Start with a card table or folding table:

  • Small table (what it looks like won’t matter it will be covered up!
  • Location is next… You will want it to be different from your normal dining area.  Move some furniture if necessary… Tucking the table in front of a fire place is my favorite… but lacking such a window or corner of your living room would work as well…
  • Plan on a small fire for the evening (not in the kitchen!) but in the fireplace or candles tall pillars on the floor ??
  • Take a drive to JoAnne’s fabric store.. or any fabric store and have fun selecting fabric in a valentine theme to delight your creative and romantic desires…  If you have sewing skills, great… if not.. just cut to size… it won’t ultimately matter.
  • Perhaps you’ll want to pick up some wide ribbon to be used as napkin rings…
  • World Markets or The Linnen Outlet both have lots of cloth napkin choices…  red works well at Christmas, too! – Why not get 4 or 6?
  • Find some red or gold chargers… I’ve seen them at the Dollar Tree to add a dimension of elegance.  Check around at craft stores for additional touches.

Click on here for photos of examples or ideas…   Click here for  a great menu and prep instructions

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