Lobster Anyone???

N_I_C_E... 16 oz of fresh delight!

Who says that $25.00 cannot buy a fabulous dinner for two? All it takes is a little skill in the kitchen. Lobster is actually one of the easiest meals to prepare. Costco must have had our anniversary in mind by bringing their lobster prices in line with the actual wholesale seafood prices. Now that the holiday season has passed, folks must be less willing to part with their money for over priced sea food.

To our delight when shopping for this special dinner, the star of our initial menu – rack of lamb had price competition from the sea– lobster! It has been sometime since we have put those yummy tails on our plates. Here was our opportunity. Two 8 ounce beauties for $20.00. Wow! Baking potatoes we already had, now for some asparagus, wine from our cellar …. ready to go! In total not counting the wine… we spent under $25.00.

For this special occasion, Rick chose a 2003 Le Reve from Domaine Carneros by Taittinger. This California sparkling wine has a wonderfully crisp flavor consisting of luscious yet complete apple, citrus and spicy yeast rolls. This bubbly proved to be an excellent choice for the butter dipped lobster. What a treat! For cooking instructions click here ….

Delicious! and...not difficult... to do...

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